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Pro 86 Quick Gloss Waterless Cleaner & Polish: 750ml Trigger Spray Bottles

Pro 86 Quick Gloss Waterless Cleaner & Polish: 750ml Trigger Spray Bottles | GermzAway.

Pro 86 Quick Gloss Waterless Cleaner & Polish: 750ml Trigger Spray Bottles

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Product Code: PRO86-12x750

12 x 750ml Trigger Spray Bottles

A waterless cleaner developed to give a high gloss finish to most reflective surfaces including glass, windows, mirrors and painted surfaces.

The advanced polymers in Pro 86 Quick Gloss lift dirt and grime leaving a protective film which helps resist common soiling and increases water repellence making future cleaning quicker and easier.

Pro 86 contains a specialised blend of cleaners and advanced polymers that chemically bond to a reflective surface. These polymers cross-link together and within a few hours of application form a tough and durable barrier protecting a surface from grease and grime.

  • Simply spray on and wipe off for an instant shine
  • Non-powdery formulation
  • Offers excellent water and soil repellence
  • Oil and salt resistant
  • Disguises microscopic scratches
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner for longer
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning
  • Use on all hard washable reflective surfaces


12 x 750ml Trigger Spray Bottles


What Our Customers Say

After using alcohol based sanitisers daily for 4 months my hands became dry, cracked and very painful. I have only been using GermzAway solution for one week and the difference is unbelievable. My hands actually feel moisturised as well as being sanitised with no stinging, pain or smell. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

Sarah Hoyle, West Yorkshire

I needed solutions to keep my contractors safe on site and GermzAway provided me with exactly that. I now have automatic hand sanitising dispensers installed on all my construction sites with a regular flow of hand sanitising liquid. Perfect service provided.

Yorkshire Masonry Specialists

The Germzaway hand foam sanitiser is fab! Scent less and tasteless makes it perfect for sanitising hands before a picnic!! Very handy size for pockets and bags. It isn’t harsh like the alcohol gels so my hands have become a lot less dry and stripped of moisture. 

Faye Hatton, Photographer