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Pro 83 Biological Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser & Cleaner: 5L Concentrate

Pro 83 Biological Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser & Cleaner: 5L Concentrate | GermzAway.

Pro 83 Biological Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser & Cleaner: 5L Concentrate

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Product Code: PRO83

Pro 83 Biological Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser and Cleaner contains natural, active ingredients, concentrated biodegradable surfactants and bio-stimulating agents for the effortless removal of grime, oil, diesel and grease spill contaminates from a wide variety of hard surfaces.

Pro 83 reduces fire risks and slip hazards and shortens clean up times by initiating and accelerating bio-degredation above and below ground surface. The biological activity of the product safely and naturally biodegrades hydrocarbon contaminates leaving floors clean and slip free. 

  • Environmentally friendly, naturally biological formulation
  • Removes the toughest dirt, grime and grease from surfaces
  • Also ideal for use on heavy duty vehicles to remove surface dirt, road film and grease build-up
  • Fast-acting formula with residual cleaning technology

For use on hard surfaces in transport depots, fuelling points, petrol forecourts, garages, parking bays, driveways. Also ideal for cleaning down vehicles, wheels and oily equipment.


2 x 5 Litre Concentrate


What Our Customers Say

After using alcohol based sanitisers daily for 4 months my hands became dry, cracked and very painful. I have only been using GermzAway solution for one week and the difference is unbelievable. My hands actually feel moisturised as well as being sanitised with no stinging, pain or smell. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

Sarah Hoyle, West Yorkshire

I needed solutions to keep my contractors safe on site and GermzAway provided me with exactly that. I now have automatic hand sanitising dispensers installed on all my construction sites with a regular flow of hand sanitising liquid. Perfect service provided.

Yorkshire Masonry Specialists

The Germzaway hand foam sanitiser is fab! Scent less and tasteless makes it perfect for sanitising hands before a picnic!! Very handy size for pockets and bags. It isn’t harsh like the alcohol gels so my hands have become a lot less dry and stripped of moisture. 

Faye Hatton, Photographer