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Workplace Deep Clean and Decontamination

A deep clean and decontamination is required when there are one or more suspected cases in a high-risk facility, or one confirmed case in any setting.

This level of COVID-19 cleaning service is designed to fully decontaminate a facility – both structural hard surfaces and contents providing a high degree of assurance for safe reoccupation.


COVID-19 in the Workplace

Suspicions of COVID-19 or any such virus, should be met with rapid and proven measures to effectively mitigate risk and alleviate concerns or panic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly escalated into a major global health crisis and we are now experiencing major disruption to daily routines, especially in the workplace.

We recommend implementing the following steps to keep you and your people safe.

  1. Regularly disinfecting surfaces such as door handles, light switches, communal keypads, etc.
  2. Ensure work spaces are well ventilated, natural air flow is best.
  3. Develop a hygiene protocol for employees who must travel or liaise with third-party clients or suppliers.
  4. Encourage employees to properly store food and to limit food sharing.
  5. Stay vigilant and react quickly to known or suspected cases of the virus by contacting professionals to sanitise your workspace.

Contact our Hygiene team to discuss how we can assist your business to maintain a germ free environment!