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Manufacturing Sanitising Solutions

Manufacturing Sanitising Solutions

The UKs manufacturing sector is the 10th largest in the world and employs over 2.5m people and generating nearly £200bn to the UK economy. Put simply if our factories/processing plants etc. closed overnight, 1000’s of jobs could be lost and UK output would stall.

Keeping this vast industry moving is the key to the growth of the UK economy and GermzAway is ideally placed to work with businesses of all sizes, ranging from a small food processing site occupying 2000sq/ft, all the way up to a multi-national conglomerate, occupying 100,000 sq/ft.

A summary of different organisations within this sector are: -

  • Food, beverage and tobacco.
  • Textiles, leather and apparel.
  • Wood, paper and printing.
  • Petroleum, coal, chemicals, plastics and rubber.
  • Primary metal, fabricated metal and machinery.
  • Computer and electronics.
  • Electrical equipment, appliances and components.

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