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Fogging Solutions

Fogging Solutions 

GermzAway Fogging solution is a formulation designed for a sufficiently broad spectrum to be considered a sterilant. The biocidal active components in our products are stabilised Chlorine Dioxide and Quaternary Ammonium compound Didecyl Ammonium Chloride. 

These actives operate synergistically to achieve a very high rapidity of kill rate against all classes of organisms including both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, tubercular bacillus and most importantly spore formers.

Why use Fogging to Sanitise my Work Place? 

Fogging is probably the quickest and easiest way to disinfect large areas with minimum disruption to business.

The process of 'fogging' uses specialised equipment which generates a mist of highly effective sanitisation solution and through vaporisation thoroughly disinfects the air as well as any surface it touches.

The GermzAway fogging process is non-corrosive and leaves no residue. It is also fast & unobtrusive.


Low Toxicity & Rapid Action 

Whilst many germicides exist that are effective against some of these classes, it is rare to find a germicidal compound that will be effective against all classes of microorganism and particularly against the spore formers.

In practical use, our GermzAway Fogging solution has a low order of toxicity and irritancy and is economical and easy to handle. It is extremely rapid in action even at very low concentrations for example, 5.0 parts per million achieving a 100% kill rate in 30 seconds under test conditions.


Benefits of Fogging; 

  1. Kills 99.999% of Germs and Viruses! Once applied, the sanitiser forms a strong bond with surfaces, ensuring the active ingredients stay in place ready to work again and again.
  2. Non-Toxic! Free from the harsh chemicals found in most disinfectants including bleach, ammonia, and chlorine – our sanitiser is safe to use around children and adults.
  3. Quick! Our transparent and odourless sanitiser is applied using our commercial fogging devices, meaning you can re-enter rooms within 2 hours of final application. After hours service is also available if you wish.


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