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Energy and Utilities Sanitising Solutions

Energy and utilities Sanitising Solutions

Energy and utility companies have a strong track record when it comes to preparing for emergencies.
As a provider of critical infrastructure, the industry should plan for (and be prepared to respond to) many foreseeable hazards, including health emergencies.

But, even the best thought-out and thoroughly tested business continuity plans should be adaptable to fully address the fast-moving and unknown variables of an outbreak like COVID-19.

Typical contingency plans enable operational effectiveness following events like natural disasters, cyber incidents and power outages, among others. Health emergencies add distinctive twists, including the potential of widespread quarantines, workforce disruptions and travel restrictions that may complicate previously tested continuity plans.

These companies typically have scores of workers in the field who also need to feel protected as they visit multiple sites, up and down the country, on a daily basis.

  • Gas network.
  • Electricity network.
  • Nuclear & renewables.
  • Water distribution.

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