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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Service


Covid Risk Assesment


At GermzAway, we want to help you maintain and grow your business in a world impacted by Covid-19. We will offer you a relevant and pertinent risk assessment at a sensible cost in order to allow your business to easily run alongside government regulations.


As an employer, you have a duty to protect your employees from harm by effectively minimising risk of transmission of viruses and brand your premises 'Covid-19 Secure'. Government regulations are constantly changing and differ from industry to industry.
GermzAway recognise it is difficult to keep up to date with ever-changing regulations and produce a risk assessment that will stand up to scrutiny, alongside the documentation to prove it. Our risk assessments will do this for you and will be constantly adapted in accordance to government regulations and advice.


We have experience assisting many sectors with their Covid-19 response, including education, healthcare, retail and haulage as a trusted partner. We can offer Safe to Work assessments for businesses currently operating, alongside Safe to Open assessments to benefit the retail, hospitality and leisure industries.


We will discuss your current arrangements and how best to approach a phased return or phased opening of your business, considering issues such as: