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Client Testimonials


"Great product, very easy to use and competitively priced. GermzAway have been so easy to deal with. Highly recommended. Thank you."
Land Rover Experience, North Yorkshire



"GermzAway are our preferred local supplier for hand sanitiser and other hygiene products. We have over 100 employees who are using their alcohol-free sanitiser whose moisturising effect is preferred over alcohol-based products. Their representative Neil Sheridan works with us to provide us with the right products to suit our business and we would certainly recommend the product and the service to all, thanks GermzAway." 
Natasha Viney - Head of Business Support, SmartSearch



"We have been very impressed with the GermzAway products and are happy to recommend them. The hand sanitisers are alcohol-free, non drying and non sticky, which makes them much nicer to use and much kinder on the skin than other sanitisers. The micro-misters are really useful to sanitise items which can't be washed."

Hickory House Day Nursery



"I needed solutions to keep my contractors safe on site and GermzAway provided me with exactly that. I now have automatic hand sanitising dispensers installed on all my construction sites with a regular flow of hand sanitising liquid. Perfect service provided."

Yorkshire Masonry Specialists



"We use both the hand sanitisers and the micro misters. Both are easy to use and leave us feeling clean and safe without a bad alcohol smell!! Also I have quite bad psoriasis and it doesn’t bother it at all when I use it. I like that there are different sizes to choose from depending on how you want to use them. The smaller bottles easily fit in a handbag or school bag and the larger sizes are good to have in the house."
Heather Bailey



"An amazing product! My daughter suffers with eczema and unlike the alcohol based products this does not dry her hands out and make them sore. Would definitely recommend to anyone as there's no taste like with most sanitisers and this is a major plus for me!"
Laura Merritt Smith



"Excellent hand sanitiser with no unpleasant smell. Easy to use dispenser that fits easily into a pocket."
 Alison Meaton



"Would just like to say a huge thank you to Germz Away. We are a n. ew customer to them and have purchased hand sanitiser, micro mister and fogging machine. Very professional and excellent value. Gavin was extremely helpful. Can definitely recommend"
Jane Morrell



"I’m on my second order from GermzAway, fantastic hand, sanitizer local and great service."
Glynne Farrow



"Good product, not alcohol based so good for anyone with allergies or dry skin"

Peter Thorley



"Highly recommended as being kind to your skin - this is perfect for me with sensitive eczema prone skin but I also feel reassured as a parent that my son is using a product that keeps him safe whilst his skin protected from being sore or cracked."

Rachel Sheridan