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Child Friendly Hand Sanitiser

Child Friendly Hand Sanitiser

Child Friendly Hand Sanitiser

Children are naturally curious, and learn best through sensory touch and it’s only natural to worry about their safety as they explore the great big world with their little hands.

Even more so at this time.

With Child-Friendly Hand Sanitiser, it’s OK if their hands get dirty while exploring the world, because our hand sanitiser is kind to hands, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non flammable and will not dry your children's hands out.

Our child friendly hand sanitiser is ready to take care of any germs and bacteria any time of the day.
Now you can finally give your kid the freedom to explore while you sit back and relax, all the while knowing they’re in safe hands.

Child Friendly Sanitiser

 Why is our sanitiser more Child Friendly?

The majority of hand sanitisers on the market contain chemicals that are Flammable, Toxic, Irritants and bad for the skin.

Our child friendly hand sanitiser is a foaming solution, it's alcohol free and will not dry out the skin, it has even been reported to improve the feeling and texture of the skin.

It is 100x more effective at killing germs, viruses and bacteria than alcohol based hand sanitisers.

GermzAway foaming hand sanitiser is Anti-Microbial meaning it keeps working, this means the children are not having to apply sanitiser as regularly as the alcohol based solutions.