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Wales to introduce new Covid risk assessments for shops and workplaces...

Wales to introduce new Covid risk assessments for shops and workplaces...


Government acts amid concerns some businesses are not taking restrictions seriously enough. 

The Welsh government said on Friday the risk assessments would be the “starting point” for implementing measures required to minimise exposure to Covid-19 in places open to the public and workplaces. 

Businesses will have to consider issues such as: 

  • Whether ventilation is adequate.
  • Hygiene.
  • Ensuring physical distancing is taking place.
  • Use of PPE and face coverings.

It will also include considering how employers maximise the number of people who can work from home. 

GermzAway can provide your business with cost effective and kind to skin solutions that will maintain your workplace hygiene in accordance with these government regulations. Our solutions are alcohol free, child friendly and kind to skin, meaning they can be utilised by all, even those with skin conditions. 

It is likely similar regulations will be introduced for the rest of the UK, so it is recommended that you prepare your business with appropriate PPE and hygiene solutions now, to avoid limitations and delays in re-opening post lockdown. 

The government said the highly contagious new strain of the virus meant it had looked again at the rules regulating workplaces and premises that remained open to the public. Mark Drakeford, the first minister, said: “Risk assessments must be reviewed and updated regularly, whenever circumstances change, and I want to make clear in law this includes whenever the coronavirus alert levels change in Wales. 

“Recording the risk assessment will only be required by those who employ five or more people. We are working closely with employers, trade unions, local authorities and the health and safety executive to consider the detail on how to keep work settings safe. 

“Ministers have also met this week with key retailers to discuss their vital role during the pandemic. They set out the actions they are taking, from providing sanitisers for hands and trolleys on entry; limiting the numbers in store at any one time; and making regular announcements reminding people to keep their distance from others.”  

Drakeford has also described as unacceptable reports of abuse faced by some shopworkers. The Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers had reported that some shop workers have been threatened and spat on. 

Wales is under a level 4 “stay at home” lockdown, meaning people are only allowed to go out for essential reasons, such as shopping for food. Pharmacies, banks and post offices are allowed to remain open. People aged 11 and over must wear a face covering if they are able and maintain social distancing. 

On the frequently asked questions section of its guidance, the Welsh government says: “When speaking to the staff in a shop, please maintain social distancing and please be respectful of them. Shopping in current circumstances is a different experience, but please bear in mind that this is not the fault of shop workers who will only be doing what they are required to do by law and by their employers.” 

For any assistance in tailoring your hygiene measures to fit these upcoming regulations, please contact us on 0333 015 1615. We are more than happy to help and offer any advice you may need in order to safely operate.