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Universities to Lose Revenue and Close in the Face of COVID-19?

Universities to Lose Revenue and Close in the Face of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all sectors, with the imminent reopening of universities, the grim reality is that some may not be able to re-open and consequentially will incur a colossal 25% loss from the previous year’s revenue by comparison.

There are 2.38 million students studying at UK higher education institutions and 439,955 staff.(Taken from Universities UK) 
Students travel from all around the country to attend their chosen university, around 20% of those students, an average of almost 500,000 (Taken from Universities UK), are international students. With such a nomadic group of people, the potential for infection transmissions is beyond the score of any other migratory practice within the UK.

Uni staff are concerned. They pose to strike in the light of the lack of preparation, precaution and practice carried out by the powers that be at each university. The strike action itself poses a dropout rate from students who will struggle to self-teach from the course materials and stay atop of their course requisites, with the absence of teaching/lecturing staff.

Students are the second threat to dwindling numbers of attendance at the physical site of the university. Again, without thorough and intelligent preparations, precautions and practices being undertaken, the fear factor of a melting pot of COVID-19 transitions, carried from each student’s principal locality, is proving too much for some.

“British universities face a potential £760m blow to their funding after about one in five students said they would not enroll in the next academic year if classes were delivered online and other activities curtailed.”

“Based on the survey data, the consultancy London Economics estimated that about 17% of prospective UK students would not enroll in September if coronavirus restrictions remained, costing the sector £763m in lost tuition fees and teaching grants”. (The Guardian, Richard Adams, 2020).(Taken from The Guardian)

Can universities afford to face such a hit in their revenue streams, or is the cost of the rolling out of infection control practices a daunting prospect in terms of time and money? The truth is that the cost of the implementation of infection control is minor in the face of a £763m revenue loss.
GermzAway has calculated the cost of placing infection control measures at universities and can comfortably say that the cost would be microscopic by comparison.


Dominic Roberts MD of GermzAway Group Ltd states; “University staff are on a knife edge and are inevitably unnerved by the rise in cases across the UK, they might vote to strike if Universities are not made Covid Safe which would leave students in disarray and the university brand in tatters.
We specialise in providing Hygiene solutions and will work with each establishment to help them deploy the correct solutions to ensure buildings are Covid Safe and secure and that staff and students are protected’’.


University Students to go on strike over covid safety


The approach universities need to be taking is a 4 point action plan:

  1. Comfort staff, students, and parents by providing the students and staff members with infection control kits. Control the sources of potential infection.
  2. Add points of hand sanitisation at all entrances and exits to the building.
  3. Perform weekly fogging, empowering cleaning, and facilities teams with non-toxic fogging solutions.
  4. Education, education, education! Universities are in the business of education and that is exactly what they need to do with staff and students with talks from sanitation experts on the best practices that they must follow.

GermzAway is fully adept to meet all these practices with non-toxic, alcohol-free solutions that are 100 x more effective in killing germs and bacteria than standard alcohol based and bleach-based solutions. In institutions filled with multiple cultures, the alcohol-free option is also the most culturally sensitive option. There is also the importance of the suitability for staff and students with skin sensitivity and skin conditions. GermzAway is suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

With expertise at their fingertips, the GermzAway Group provide free consultations with the best practices, tailored to combatting the spread of infection, as well as offering talks for students and staff, thus smashing through the barrier that COVID-19 is posing to universities.

For more information on the GermzAway Group’s products and services, call 0333 015 1615, email or visit their website to browse their product and service offerings at