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Pupils left with swollen hands after bad reaction to sanitiser at school...

Worried parents have spoken out over nasty reactions their children have had to hand sanitiser provided by schools.

 At GermzAway, our formula contains kind to skin properties and it has even been said to moisturise skin, whilst still killing 99.999% of viruses and bacteria. By sending your children to school with a GermzAway sanitiser, you can rest assured that their skin will not be damaged. 

 Mums and dads were relieved to send their young ones back to school on March 8 after months of remote learning. But now they are dealing with new challenges as some children are coming home with red and swollen hands, seemingly due to the sanitiser they are asked to use.

A worried mum shared a picture of her daughter’s hands on the Leedsplace Facebook group, causing other parents to say their children had suffered similar side effects. One mother from Leeds, named Gemma, said: ‘My son’s had the same. Our doctor said the school soap or hand sanitiser might be too harsh if it’s cheap stuff bought in bulk.’

 Another mum said: ‘I’m very concerned about the sanitisers being used at our schools. My son has also had a reaction very similar to this.’ One said she was at the point of wanting to keep her five-year-old daughter at home as she’s had bad reactions on two different occasions. One mum said her doctor warned the hand sanitiser ‘might be too harsh if it’s cheap stuff bought in bulk’ Government guidance says Covid-19 is easy to kill when on the skin and encourages people to regularly use either soap and water or hand sanitiser. 

Earlier this month, researchers at Imperial College London claimed that Hypochlorus Acid – an antimicrobial substitute commonly used by people with dry and itchy skin conditions – ‘performed as well or better’ in killing the virus than alcohol-based sanitisers. Schools have already reported new cases of coronavirus, with secondary students having twice-weekly tests in a bid to prevent outbreaks of the virus in classrooms.

Boris Johnson has previously said the reopening of classrooms to all pupils would inevitably lead to a rise in cases but insisted it was still the right thing to do. Now that schools have fully reopened, additional safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus 

He said: ‘The education of our children is so important that the greater risk now is keeping them out of school for a day longer.’ Secondary school pupils are also ‘strongly encouraged’ to wear masks wherever social distancing cannot be maintained, but this has not been made mandatory. When asked earlier this month if schools not practicing mask-wearing should be closed, children’s minister Vicky Ford said: ‘No, I think that we should strongly encourage them to wear the masks, I think the vast majority of young people, they get this. ‘But there will be some who will be very anxious and nervous about doing so and that’s why we understand that and that is why we have not made it mandatory but we have strongly encouraged this.’


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