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GermzAway Launches Amazing 99.999% Effective Hand Sanitiser

Hygienic solutions provider GermzAway Group Limited is proud to launch its new alcohol-free, 99.999% effective hand sanitizer, manufactured in the UK by Viroklenz Infection Control. 

GermzAway, a Yorkshire based hygiene solutions provider, has teamed up with Lancashire based Viroklenz Infection Control to provide the UK with one of the most effective sanitiser solutions on the market today at killing viruses, germs and bacteria.  

Viroklenz Infection Control has developed an exceptional range of biocidal cleansers with accreditations to EN1276, EN13697 and EN 16615 among others.  The sanitiser solution developed by Viroklenz scientists is 99.999% effective at killing germs and bacteria as it contains the widely recognised active ingredient Chlorhexidine.

From now on, GermzAway’s touch-free sanitiser dispensers, sanitation stations, fogging solutions and other hygiene solutions across a range of sectors will provide the speciality liquid that kills superbugs such as MRSA, Hepatitis B, influenza, norovirus and a host of others. In addition, the groundbreaking formula doesn’t irritate your skin, as can happen with prolonged use of hand sanitisers that contain alcohol or other chemicals. 

This UK-manufactured, non-toxic and fast-acting product is the ideal accompaniment to trips outside the house following the easing of the current lockdown. It has been clinically approved and provides users with peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to protect themselves and each other.

Other than personal use, GermzAway provides hygiene solutions such as infrared touch-free dispensers supplied on bespoke stands, wall-mounted or table top suitable for all manner of premises, from shops to hotels, care homes to schools, restaurants to public toilets, as well as for retail consumers. Fogging solutions can also be used in all these environments as the solution is safe to use on fabrics and electrical equipment and will decontaminate areas for up to 4 weeks. 

GermzAway is a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly solution to maintaining hand hygiene. It is not tested on animals and, as a retail product, we encourage reusing pump bottles that you can refill whenever you need to top up. This allows you to carry around a small, easily portable bottle as you go about your daily business without creating waste every time you empty it.

One result of the coronavirus pandemic has been an increased awareness of hand hygiene, with hand sanitisers now in great demand. As we move out of lockdown, part of making shops and other public places Covid secure is the provision of hand sanitation stations for customers and staff alike.